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02 October 2011 @ 08:11 pm
Sleep All Day  
Yes, I know I haven't posted in ages, and it's partly because I've been really lazy, and partly because I've been doing something else that is sapping all my creative energy.
Hopefully when the tumblr gets up and running and I get the domain done and everything I'll post more. And I think I'll probably post more when uni starts, cause more interesting stuff happens then, and there's more of a need to procrastinate.

Here are some pretty pictures in return:

FLOWERS: from a garden that we visited at O'Reilly's. Which was freezing what with the wind and the intermittent rain, but still really pretty nonetheless.

ALPACA FARM! Nothing more needs to be said.

GRILL'D LUNCH: After a morning of DFO'ing. And with a dash of wine and Black Books. (Y)

Interestingly, I did manage to start studying for biology today. Yay for a massive stack of flash cards for only two lectures. I think the whole semester's worth of work is going to kill me. But oh well. Also, I have a diary for next year, thanks to Thomas! Funnily enough, I was thinking of getting one the very morning he gave it to me. Woot for not having to buy a diary two years in a row. XD

What else - I had to play a solo today for church, which apparently was good, so that's nice. I'd listened to the recording so I thought the score would be in bass clef, but no - most of it was in tenor, which freaked me out for about half a minute, but then it was all good. Viv mentioned the whole jazz thing again yesterday on Facebook, so hopefully I'll get all my music back. :D
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