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24 September 2011 @ 06:07 pm
Über, Über, Über Long Unboring Post About The Last Couple of Days. :D  
So. I have again been neglecting posting, mainly because I get home at 8 or something and then I'm too tired to write anything. OR I go and watch the numerous TV shows that are now back and will now be my source of endless procrastination. 

Anyway - this is what has happened since Wednesday, complete with pretty pictures!

MUSIC: Left to go to stat prac with Mitchell, Ubry and Jou. Which is always fun.
LUNCH: At Darwin's with Nathan, Tobias and eventually, Mitchell. Burger, chips and grapefruit tiro, and Tobias talking a load of bullshit.

FERRY: to Southbank, which was chock full of Asian tourists. =="

SLQ: For tutoring, which was fun. Also found this awesome, awesome book that I have now forgotten the name of, but it had something to do with information, and putting it an awesome graphic form.

VISITING: Thomas' place, which is quite quaint. We'll get back to that.
CHOIR: where progress was made. Choir always makes me miss orchestra, though.
SLEEP: in the early hours of the morning, because Damir and I were bitching about stuff.

PHYSICS: where the lecture theatre was pretty much empty.
SLEEP: under a tree outside Forgan Smith, while waiting for Nathan.

MATHS: tute with Nathan, where we met Allie and was immediately accosted with the incessant loudness of her voice.
POOL: at Cue City with Thomas. Also met Fletcher, so we proceeded to bitch about school for an hour.

BRUNCH: at Shingle Inn, with Zibb, Lisa and Alex. Much fun was had, about everything. And Lisa and I clumsily explained the plot of Johnny English.
TOY STORE: because we're all secretly children who want to play with nerf guns.

DYMOCKS: as books are awesome. I WANT A LIBRARY.
RESUME: handed in, and was asked about my availability, so all signs point to yes. (Y)
CHILLING: with Nathan and a slurpie, at the ANZAC Square Garden.
DOMINION: played with Nathan and Thomas at Thomas' place. IT'S AN EPIC GAME.
DINNER: at the imaginatively named The Vietnamese, with Thomas. Duck and my first taste of white wine. :)
Feeling: sicksick