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21 September 2011 @ 10:32 am
Rocky days.  
Yes, I did neglect my most adorable blog yesterday, on account of being upset and angry and being yelled at left, right and center - which meant that I had to go game to get my mind off everything. This is one of the times where I really, really, really just want to go be a hermit in the corner of the country or something. Or move out so I can stay in my room or just be in the house without people wanting to talk to me and getting angry if I display any sort of annoyance. But I have no money for that at the moment, so I'm just going to keep writing about the banal happenings of my life. So: this is for yesterday. And what's happened so far today.

Insert lengthy yet whimsical title here
HANGING OUT: in the city, checking out all the new and at times, cheap clothes. I need new swimming stuff - but that's unhealthily expensive as well. 
CHATTING: with the adorable Miss Alcorn! Who was beaming with pride about Imogen, her daughter, who is now 14 months. We talked about other things as well, so it was nice to catch up. She's on the interwebs via Twitter as well, so that's pretty awesome.
BUMPED INTO: Thinh, Shiva and Paul while at uni, because apparently BSL does not stand for Brisbane Square Library - it stands for Biological Sciences Library. Talked about ideas for epic t-shirts, how stupid uni work is, and showed them my iPad and its case. Which Paul was especially interested in: 

MEETING: that didn't exactly pan out, because I had to leave before the whole group got there.
GELATO: with Thomas, his cool hat and a pink wafer! Biscotti tastes really good, as does raspberry. (Y) Yay for being adventurous. My sister also came along a little bit later, and amusing times were had.

HOME: to much yelling, which, on top of other crap that had happened that day, made me feel like a top bloke! Fixed assignments, handed them in, played Starcraft and TF2. 
ANNOYANCE: at being blamed for not pulling my weight in a group assignment when my accuser had taken what I'd done my pre-research on and written his bit on that, making me do more research, and when I'd also had to write most of the biology assignment on my own.
PHYSICS: exam, which was okay. Yay for no study and remnants of IB physics. This guy thought I was cheating because I tend to look up and gaze into the distance to think instead of staring blankly at my exam paper, which I thought was extraordinarily annoying.
And now I'm at the music library. Which is the most awesome place ever. :)

I think I'll do word(s) of the day when I get home from choir. I've already written a crapload of nonsense, so I should probably space it all out. 
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Listening to: Elgar: Frossiart Overture, Op. 19