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19 September 2011 @ 09:03 pm
Solitude would be nice, right about now.  
I did have two photos, but my phone decided to kill itself, and with it, the second one. So here goes.

Today, I did these things.
BREAKFAST: at the Pancake Manor with Nathan. More good conversation was had.
KARAOKE: where I am always reminded of how much I miss my music.

MOVIES: because Nathan's tutoring student cancelled and we found ourselves with lots of hours and nothing to do. And then we met Ariel and her friends Minh(sp?) and Camilla. So we watched Johnny English and sneaked in lots of nice confectionary. 
HOME: to an awesome personal response mark, and Downton Abbey. Also to half an assignment I'm going to have to rewrite, thanks to the injustice of the world. Apparently my sister also burnt a pot because she 'boiled water' in it for about three hours.

Word of the day (as suggested by Thomas)
ARETE (noun)
a. The aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character
b. Knife-like mountain
c. A type of arts magazine 

SENTENCE: Strength and health are the areté of the body, cleverness and insight the areté of the mind. (From Thomas, who I assumed pulled it from some place on the interwebs)

So, hi.
It's a little weird, because I haven't been this angry for this long at anything before. So I don't really know how to act, other than to be filled with rage. Filled is an apt word to use, I think, because the most outwardly angry I have been has consisted of swearing profusely, and then, only to a couple of people. For the most part I just want to be left alone, but I guess people don't really understand what that entails.

It's good that it's nearly holidays - after this stupid, stupid assignment is done I'll have more time to write. I really miss all that - despite the fact that I'm really not that good at it (however much I wish I am), and I get annoyed at myself for not finishing parts when I should have a long time ago. Self imposed deadlines really aren't much help, so it's redundant for me to do that. But yeah, I hope I finish what I'm working on sooner than later. 
Feeling: angryangry
Listening to: What If - Jason Derulo