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17 September 2011 @ 06:16 pm

FOR YESTERDAY: because I was pretty much dead by the time I got home, and nothing really happened today except I finished my chemistry assignment and now I'm trying to finish my biology one. And the fact that my mother has made me so angry that I want to punch many people in the face.

BREAKFAST: in the safe confines of the train station at the Valley, while waiting, as people were 20 minutes late. I wanted to actually just go find a Commonwealth Bank ATM, (which, it turns out, was BEHIND where I was looking), but I found a Boost instead. AND IT WAS THE BEST SMOOTHIE I HAVE TASTED. In quite a while.
ROCK CLIMBING: with Nathan and Tobias. I'd actually forgotten how fun it is to hang out with them together. Anyway - unfitness, soreness and much fun ensued. My arms are okay today, UNLESS I HAVE TO MOVE THEM. =\ But yes, it was fun, and we should go again, when I'm fitter and have more arm and leg strength.
SHOPPING: for the dress I didn't get on Thursday, and I got a new belt as well, which I adore. Oh, before breakfast, I bought a pair of Mimco earrings as well. O_o
MUSIC: in a tiny, tiny room at Armus. With my awesome music (EE) kids. I hope they'll be fine - the tough part comes after the research is all collated and you have to start writing somehow. And trying to find Lisa and Brendan. =="
COFFEE: with Ms Townend, and much taunting and amusement.
DINNER: at Vapiano, with Thomas (who brought his fez!!!), and great conversation, as always. His friends were stuck at the airport for ages, so I didn't get to meet them, which was disappointing. But I tried a new type of pasta - it was curly and stuff instead of.. straight. It was interesting, but I think I'm sticking with linguine or spaghetti. 
HOME: to gaming. :)

Yesterday's word was going to be 'impugn', but it's kind of weird having a 'yesterday's word of the day'? So I'll save it for tomorrow, where there will be a 'word of the weekend'. Just because I think alliteration is cool.

Now, onwards and upwards (heh) to finishing this damned biology thing.
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