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15 September 2011 @ 09:56 pm
All in all, a good day.  
It's amazing, my capacity to have an awesome day, and then come home, crash and feel like absolute crap. For some reason, I think it'd be better if I wasn't living with my parents. Then I could yell at everyone to leave me the hell alone. That would be nice. Instead of trying to yell the loudest I could inside my head.


Happenings of the daylight ~ twilight hours
PHYSICS: again, first up. Neha and I met Megan, who told me about an orchestra that sounds pretty good, actually. And it isn't too much pressure. So if I can convince Viv to come with me, it'll be EPIC. 
BRUNCH: was slightly disappointing, because Nathan and I got there just after 11, so I couldn't get actual breakfast. I got a chicken/salad/avocado wrap and an iced mocha instead, but it tasted awesome, so I guess that made up for it.
(While I was waiting for my food, it occurred to me how much money I would save if I didn't buy food. Sigh.)

BIOLOGY: 'Holy crap there are a lot of girls', (in Nathan's words). More stuff about the respiratory system and carbon dioxide and oxygen and blood. I was totally paying full attention.
STUDY DATE: at the biological sciences library that ended up in my almost convincing Aaron to get Starcraft 2. And no physics study being done. All in all, I think it was productive.
SHOPPING: down the length of Queen and Adelaide St, most of it with Thomas. Who got an awesome hat, and who is going to wear a fez to dinner tomorrow. :D There is a $54.99 dress I'm considering that's at Latin Clothing Company, so I'll see how partial I am to that money tomorrow.
ASSIGNMENTS: that are in the process of being done. You would think that it being about chocolate would make it slightly more appealing, but it really doesn't.

Word of the day
MALAISE (noun)
a. An indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness
b. A vague sense of mental or moral ill being

Today's sentence is brought to you by a phone company and Thomas: As for me, now commences the descent into the Thursday meeting malaise!

I would love to talk about things that are bothering me, but I have these stupid assignments to procrastinate. And Damir is pretty much continually talking on this teamspeak server, which is altering my ability to produce coherent sentences. But anyway - the presence of these assignments mean actually doing them (because they need to be done) or playing some kind of game. I might be popping into UQ tomorrow to see my lovely music kids tomorrow, after rock climbing. 
Feeling: sleepysleepy