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02 October 2011 @ 08:11 pm
Yes, I know I haven't posted in ages, and it's partly because I've been really lazy, and partly because I've been doing something else that is sapping all my creative energy.
Hopefully when the tumblr gets up and running and I get the domain done and everything I'll post more. And I think I'll probably post more when uni starts, cause more interesting stuff happens then, and there's more of a need to procrastinate.

Here are some pretty pictures in return:

FLOWERS: from a garden that we visited at O'Reilly's. Which was freezing what with the wind and the intermittent rain, but still really pretty nonetheless.

ALPACA FARM! Nothing more needs to be said.

GRILL'D LUNCH: After a morning of DFO'ing. And with a dash of wine and Black Books. (Y)

Interestingly, I did manage to start studying for biology today. Yay for a massive stack of flash cards for only two lectures. I think the whole semester's worth of work is going to kill me. But oh well. Also, I have a diary for next year, thanks to Thomas! Funnily enough, I was thinking of getting one the very morning he gave it to me. Woot for not having to buy a diary two years in a row. XD

What else - I had to play a solo today for church, which apparently was good, so that's nice. I'd listened to the recording so I thought the score would be in bass clef, but no - most of it was in tenor, which freaked me out for about half a minute, but then it was all good. Viv mentioned the whole jazz thing again yesterday on Facebook, so hopefully I'll get all my music back. :D
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So. I have again been neglecting posting, mainly because I get home at 8 or something and then I'm too tired to write anything. OR I go and watch the numerous TV shows that are now back and will now be my source of endless procrastination. 

Anyway - this is what has happened since Wednesday, complete with pretty pictures!

MUSIC: Left to go to stat prac with Mitchell, Ubry and Jou. Which is always fun.
LUNCH: At Darwin's with Nathan, Tobias and eventually, Mitchell. Burger, chips and grapefruit tiro, and Tobias talking a load of bullshit.

FERRY: to Southbank, which was chock full of Asian tourists. =="

SLQ: For tutoring, which was fun. Also found this awesome, awesome book that I have now forgotten the name of, but it had something to do with information, and putting it an awesome graphic form.

VISITING: Thomas' place, which is quite quaint. We'll get back to that.
CHOIR: where progress was made. Choir always makes me miss orchestra, though.
SLEEP: in the early hours of the morning, because Damir and I were bitching about stuff.

PHYSICS: where the lecture theatre was pretty much empty.
SLEEP: under a tree outside Forgan Smith, while waiting for Nathan.

MATHS: tute with Nathan, where we met Allie and was immediately accosted with the incessant loudness of her voice.
POOL: at Cue City with Thomas. Also met Fletcher, so we proceeded to bitch about school for an hour.

BRUNCH: at Shingle Inn, with Zibb, Lisa and Alex. Much fun was had, about everything. And Lisa and I clumsily explained the plot of Johnny English.
TOY STORE: because we're all secretly children who want to play with nerf guns.

DYMOCKS: as books are awesome. I WANT A LIBRARY.
RESUME: handed in, and was asked about my availability, so all signs point to yes. (Y)
CHILLING: with Nathan and a slurpie, at the ANZAC Square Garden.
DOMINION: played with Nathan and Thomas at Thomas' place. IT'S AN EPIC GAME.
DINNER: at the imaginatively named The Vietnamese, with Thomas. Duck and my first taste of white wine. :)
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21 September 2011 @ 10:32 am
Yes, I did neglect my most adorable blog yesterday, on account of being upset and angry and being yelled at left, right and center - which meant that I had to go game to get my mind off everything. This is one of the times where I really, really, really just want to go be a hermit in the corner of the country or something. Or move out so I can stay in my room or just be in the house without people wanting to talk to me and getting angry if I display any sort of annoyance. But I have no money for that at the moment, so I'm just going to keep writing about the banal happenings of my life. So: this is for yesterday. And what's happened so far today.

Insert lengthy yet whimsical title here
HANGING OUT: in the city, checking out all the new and at times, cheap clothes. I need new swimming stuff - but that's unhealthily expensive as well. 
CHATTING: with the adorable Miss Alcorn! Who was beaming with pride about Imogen, her daughter, who is now 14 months. We talked about other things as well, so it was nice to catch up. She's on the interwebs via Twitter as well, so that's pretty awesome.
BUMPED INTO: Thinh, Shiva and Paul while at uni, because apparently BSL does not stand for Brisbane Square Library - it stands for Biological Sciences Library. Talked about ideas for epic t-shirts, how stupid uni work is, and showed them my iPad and its case. Which Paul was especially interested in: 

MEETING: that didn't exactly pan out, because I had to leave before the whole group got there.
GELATO: with Thomas, his cool hat and a pink wafer! Biscotti tastes really good, as does raspberry. (Y) Yay for being adventurous. My sister also came along a little bit later, and amusing times were had.

HOME: to much yelling, which, on top of other crap that had happened that day, made me feel like a top bloke! Fixed assignments, handed them in, played Starcraft and TF2. 
ANNOYANCE: at being blamed for not pulling my weight in a group assignment when my accuser had taken what I'd done my pre-research on and written his bit on that, making me do more research, and when I'd also had to write most of the biology assignment on my own.
PHYSICS: exam, which was okay. Yay for no study and remnants of IB physics. This guy thought I was cheating because I tend to look up and gaze into the distance to think instead of staring blankly at my exam paper, which I thought was extraordinarily annoying.
And now I'm at the music library. Which is the most awesome place ever. :)

I think I'll do word(s) of the day when I get home from choir. I've already written a crapload of nonsense, so I should probably space it all out. 
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19 September 2011 @ 09:03 pm
I did have two photos, but my phone decided to kill itself, and with it, the second one. So here goes.

Today, I did these things.
BREAKFAST: at the Pancake Manor with Nathan. More good conversation was had.
KARAOKE: where I am always reminded of how much I miss my music.

MOVIES: because Nathan's tutoring student cancelled and we found ourselves with lots of hours and nothing to do. And then we met Ariel and her friends Minh(sp?) and Camilla. So we watched Johnny English and sneaked in lots of nice confectionary. 
HOME: to an awesome personal response mark, and Downton Abbey. Also to half an assignment I'm going to have to rewrite, thanks to the injustice of the world. Apparently my sister also burnt a pot because she 'boiled water' in it for about three hours.

Word of the day (as suggested by Thomas)
ARETE (noun)
a. The aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character
b. Knife-like mountain
c. A type of arts magazine 

SENTENCE: Strength and health are the areté of the body, cleverness and insight the areté of the mind. (From Thomas, who I assumed pulled it from some place on the interwebs)

So, hi.
It's a little weird, because I haven't been this angry for this long at anything before. So I don't really know how to act, other than to be filled with rage. Filled is an apt word to use, I think, because the most outwardly angry I have been has consisted of swearing profusely, and then, only to a couple of people. For the most part I just want to be left alone, but I guess people don't really understand what that entails.

It's good that it's nearly holidays - after this stupid, stupid assignment is done I'll have more time to write. I really miss all that - despite the fact that I'm really not that good at it (however much I wish I am), and I get annoyed at myself for not finishing parts when I should have a long time ago. Self imposed deadlines really aren't much help, so it's redundant for me to do that. But yeah, I hope I finish what I'm working on sooner than later. 
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17 September 2011 @ 06:16 pm

FOR YESTERDAY: because I was pretty much dead by the time I got home, and nothing really happened today except I finished my chemistry assignment and now I'm trying to finish my biology one. And the fact that my mother has made me so angry that I want to punch many people in the face.

BREAKFAST: in the safe confines of the train station at the Valley, while waiting, as people were 20 minutes late. I wanted to actually just go find a Commonwealth Bank ATM, (which, it turns out, was BEHIND where I was looking), but I found a Boost instead. AND IT WAS THE BEST SMOOTHIE I HAVE TASTED. In quite a while.
ROCK CLIMBING: with Nathan and Tobias. I'd actually forgotten how fun it is to hang out with them together. Anyway - unfitness, soreness and much fun ensued. My arms are okay today, UNLESS I HAVE TO MOVE THEM. =\ But yes, it was fun, and we should go again, when I'm fitter and have more arm and leg strength.
SHOPPING: for the dress I didn't get on Thursday, and I got a new belt as well, which I adore. Oh, before breakfast, I bought a pair of Mimco earrings as well. O_o
MUSIC: in a tiny, tiny room at Armus. With my awesome music (EE) kids. I hope they'll be fine - the tough part comes after the research is all collated and you have to start writing somehow. And trying to find Lisa and Brendan. =="
COFFEE: with Ms Townend, and much taunting and amusement.
DINNER: at Vapiano, with Thomas (who brought his fez!!!), and great conversation, as always. His friends were stuck at the airport for ages, so I didn't get to meet them, which was disappointing. But I tried a new type of pasta - it was curly and stuff instead of.. straight. It was interesting, but I think I'm sticking with linguine or spaghetti. 
HOME: to gaming. :)

Yesterday's word was going to be 'impugn', but it's kind of weird having a 'yesterday's word of the day'? So I'll save it for tomorrow, where there will be a 'word of the weekend'. Just because I think alliteration is cool.

Now, onwards and upwards (heh) to finishing this damned biology thing.
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15 September 2011 @ 09:56 pm
It's amazing, my capacity to have an awesome day, and then come home, crash and feel like absolute crap. For some reason, I think it'd be better if I wasn't living with my parents. Then I could yell at everyone to leave me the hell alone. That would be nice. Instead of trying to yell the loudest I could inside my head.


Happenings of the daylight ~ twilight hours
PHYSICS: again, first up. Neha and I met Megan, who told me about an orchestra that sounds pretty good, actually. And it isn't too much pressure. So if I can convince Viv to come with me, it'll be EPIC. 
BRUNCH: was slightly disappointing, because Nathan and I got there just after 11, so I couldn't get actual breakfast. I got a chicken/salad/avocado wrap and an iced mocha instead, but it tasted awesome, so I guess that made up for it.
(While I was waiting for my food, it occurred to me how much money I would save if I didn't buy food. Sigh.)

BIOLOGY: 'Holy crap there are a lot of girls', (in Nathan's words). More stuff about the respiratory system and carbon dioxide and oxygen and blood. I was totally paying full attention.
STUDY DATE: at the biological sciences library that ended up in my almost convincing Aaron to get Starcraft 2. And no physics study being done. All in all, I think it was productive.
SHOPPING: down the length of Queen and Adelaide St, most of it with Thomas. Who got an awesome hat, and who is going to wear a fez to dinner tomorrow. :D There is a $54.99 dress I'm considering that's at Latin Clothing Company, so I'll see how partial I am to that money tomorrow.
ASSIGNMENTS: that are in the process of being done. You would think that it being about chocolate would make it slightly more appealing, but it really doesn't.

Word of the day
MALAISE (noun)
a. An indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness
b. A vague sense of mental or moral ill being

Today's sentence is brought to you by a phone company and Thomas: As for me, now commences the descent into the Thursday meeting malaise!

I would love to talk about things that are bothering me, but I have these stupid assignments to procrastinate. And Damir is pretty much continually talking on this teamspeak server, which is altering my ability to produce coherent sentences. But anyway - the presence of these assignments mean actually doing them (because they need to be done) or playing some kind of game. I might be popping into UQ tomorrow to see my lovely music kids tomorrow, after rock climbing. 
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14 September 2011 @ 10:49 pm
I AM VERY TIRED. But I did take pretty pictures today, so I feel the need to share them.
Before that, though: 

Word of the day!
PERCHANCE (adverb)
a. By some chance; perhaps.

EXAMPLE: To sleep: perchance to dream. 

As always, my day in pictures and succinct explanations

PHYSICS: about electricity and Coulomb's law, and Tobias falling asleep. Unfortunately, he did not miss the clicker question.
BREAKFAST: of piousness. At Darwin's. (Eggs Benedict, with a dash of grapefruit tiro).
BURNING: legs in the sun, while lying underneath a tree, admiring the awesome UQ architecture (see below)

LUNCH: with Lisa and Brendan at Darwin's. Again. Then stalking Zibb and Tobias.
TALKING: underneath the 'Abel tree' with a whole bunch of St Peters kids and Mitchell. THEY REMINDED ME THAT DOWNTON ABBEY IS COMING BACK. WHAT AWESOMENESS. Also up for discussion - how much we suck at Starcraft 2, surprise that I play TF2, Joe's need to see movies every Wednesday. 
SIMPLE ARITHMETIC: for a psychology experiment/study thing. I killed everyone by answering 82 in 2 minutes. :)
WORK: with kids who were half dead. I did get to see some of my dear old year 12s, though.
CHOIR: where my voice was sufficiently strained. And having coughing spurts every ten minutes wasn't helpful, either.
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